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Our lawyers are experts in Intervention Orders matters and regularly appear in all Magistrates’ Courts in these matters. We ensure that you have the best representation whether you are an Applicant or Respondent. 

Intervention Order Lawyers

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Our team of lawyers have expertise in providing representation to all parties in cases relating to Family Violence Intervention Orders and Personal Safety Intervention Orders. Our lawyers appear in not only the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, but in Magistrates’ Courts Victoria wide throughout the legal process of an IVO.

We regularly represent both Applicants and Respondents in Intervention Order cases in all Courts. We have extensive experience in this area of law and can represent you to apply or contest any Intervention Order. If you have been served with an Application for an Intervention Order, you should contact us now to arrange a free consultation.

How We can Assist you with Intervention Order Cases

Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing legal advice and representation in all aspects of the Intervention Orders Court process.

Applying for Intervention Orders

We can apply for an Interim and Full Intervention Orders on your behalf.

Contesting Intervention Orders

We regularly contest Applications for Intervention Orders.

Representation for Any Party

We can provide resprentation for Applicants, Respondents or Affected Family Members.

Domestic Violence Intervention Orders

We can provide advice with regard to any Family Violence or Personal Safety Intervention Order.

Assessment of your IVO Case

Call us to receive a free assessment of your Intervention Order Case and allow us to explain how we can represent you. 

After Hours
Legal Assistance

We understand that these matters do not always occur during business hours and provide an after hours contact number. 


We have successfully obtained and contested Intervention Orders in all Courts for our clients.

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Articles and Case Studies

Case Study: Successful Personal Safety Intervention Order Applications

Case study: Personal Safety Intervention Order Court: Sunshine Magistrates’ Court Facts: This matter involves 2 Applications for Personal Safety Intervention Orders (IVO) made against the Respondent. The Applications were made on behalf of our client, who is the Affected Family Member (‘AFM’) and her Mother, by a member of the Police Force. The relationship between the AFM and Respondent is that they are Mothers of children of whom share the same Father. The Respondent entered the AFM’s life in 2021, once

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Case Study: Application for Full No Contact IVO Order

Case study: Application for Full No Contact IVO Order Court: Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court Facts: Our client was listed as the Affected Family Member (‘AFM’) on a Family Violence Intervention Order (‘FVIO’) Application made by Victoria Police. The Respondent to this Application was our client’s husband. The Husband in this matter had a history of breaching previous FVIOs listing our client as AFM, with criminal proceedings on foot in relation to the breaches. However, there was also a Cross-Application made in

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Case Study: Negotiation of Family Violence Safety Notice and Return of Respondent to Family Home

Case study: Negotiation of Family Violence Safety Notice and Return of Respondent to Family home Offence Date August 2023 Court Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court Facts Our client was the Respondent to a Family Violence Safety Notice (“Safety Notice”)  made by Victoria Police. The Affected Family Member (“AFM”) was the Respondent’s de facto partner. The parties have one child together who was listed as a protected person under the notice. A complaint was made to Victoria Police by the AFM after an

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Case Study: Full Costs Order and Withdrawal of all Charges

Case study: Full Costs Order and Withdrawal of all Charges Offence Date  May – July 2022  Court  Ringwood Magistrates’ Court, August 2023  Facts  Our client was the Respondent to a pre-existing Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO), placed on him by an ex-partner.  Between May 2022 and 30 July 2022, several allegations were made against our client, leading to him being charged with the following:  1.    Three charges of Contravention of a FVIO under s123 of the Family Violence Protection Act

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Case Study: Withdrawal Of Recklessly Cause Injury And Unlawful Assault

Case study: Withdrawal of Recklessly Causing Injury and Unlawful Assault Offence Date  April 2022 Court  Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, July 2023  Facts  In April 2022, there was an incident between our client and his ex-partner. Following that incident, his ex-partner made three complaints to the police on our client allegedly throwing a suitcase on his ex-partner. Following the police statement from his ex-partner, pictures of the suitcase on the floor, a recording of the injuries caused by the suitcase, and the

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Case Study: Pursuing an Application as an Affected Family Member

Case Study: Application for an Intervention Order Pursuing an Application for an Intervention Order as an Affected Family Member in circumstances whereby the Police Applicant seeks to Withdraw Court Date July 2022Court Location Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court Facts Our client was the Affected Family Member in the proceedings. A complaint was made to Victoria Police by our client, after her partner had made threats to harm her and the children. A threat was also made by our client’s former partner, that

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