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Conviction For Breach Of Intervention Order

Intervention Orders: Conviction for a Breach of Intervention Order Will I Get A Conviction If I Breach An Intervention Order? An Intervention Order, whether it be on an Interim or Final Basis, has implications for

Varying An Intervention Order

Intervention Orders: Varying an Intervention Order Varying an Intervention Order If a protected person or a respondent wants to vary/change the conditions of the intervention order, the party must submit an application to vary the

Intervention Orders and the Family Law Court

Intervention Orders: Intervention Orders and The Family Law Courts Intervention Orders and the Family Law Courts Family Violence Intervention Orders are often made in the context of a couple separating, either before, during or after

Will an Intervention Order show on my Police Check?

Intervention Orders: Will an Intervention Order show on my police check? Will an Intervention Order show on my Police Check? When an Intervention Order is made, many questions are often raised, including: Will my Intervention

What Affects Can Intervention Orders Have

Intervention Orders: What are they and what affects can they have. What is an Intervention Order? An intervention order is a court order made by a Magistrate which is aimed to protect people others who

Respondent Children and Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders: Respondent Children and intervention orders Family Violence Safety Notice When police issue a family violence safety notice, one of the requirements is that the Respondent must be an adult. Unless the police officer

Family Violence Safety Notice

Intervention Orders: Family Violence Safety Notice What is a Family Violence Safety Notice? A Family Violence Safety Notice (“Safety Notice”) provides urgent, temporary protection for an Affected Family Member (“AFM”), their property and/or their children.

Orders For Counselling

Intervention Orders: Orders for Counselling What Orders Can the Court Make About Counselling In certain circumstances, a male Respondent to a final Family Violence Intervention Order (“FVIO”) may be ordered to attend counselling. The purpose

Breach Of A Family Violence Intervention Order

Intervention Orders: Breach of A Family Violence Intervention Order What happens when a Intervention Order is Breached? If a Respondent breaches a condition of an Interim or Final Family Violence Intervention Order (“Order”) or Family

Appealing An Intervention Order

Intervention Orders: Appealing an Intervention Order When Can an Intervention Order be appealed The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) imposes four restrictions on appealing a family violence intervention order: In certain circumstances, a court

The Intersections With Family Law

Intervention Orders: The intersections with family law When Family Violence has an Impact Upon Family Law The reality is that there is often a correlation between the breakdown of a relationship and a spike in