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Intervention Orders (IVO)

Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with Intervention Orders across all Magistrates’ Court in Victoria, including the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. We can advise you of your options and ensure that you receive the best advice and representation. We are able to provide representation to both Respondents and Applicants whether it is a Mention, Directions Hearing or Contested Hearing. Our experienced term of expert Intervention Orders can guide you through the process and ensure that your case is presented in the best manner. 

Applying for an Intervention Order

We are able to assist you in applying for an Intervention Order whether it is a Family Violence Intervention Order or a Personal Safety Intervention Order (sometimes referred to as Restraining Orders). Should your matter also relate to family law issues, our lawyers have experience in both Intervention Order and Family Law matters to be able to properly advise you about the impacts across both jurisdictions. When applying for an Intervention Order, it is important to understand the details that are required to be provided to the Magistrates’ Court including:

  •  The full name of the Applicant
  • The name and date of birth of each of the Affected Family Members
  • The full name of the Respondent
  • The contact details of the Respondent and approximate age (if date of birth is unknown)
  • The nature of the relationship between the Affected Family Members and Respondent (eg. Father, Mother, Grandparent, Neighbour)
  • The reasons that an Intervention Order is being sought
  • The nature of the family violence that is alleged to have occurred
  • The conditions that the Applicant is seeking from the Intervention Order
  • Details of any relevant Family Law Order
  • Confirmation as to whether the Respondent holds a firearms authority or weapons approval (and whether they are in possession of same)
We understand that applying for either a Family Violence or Personal Safety Intervention Order can be a difficult process, particularly in instances where the Applicant and Respondent are still cohabitating. In a number of cases, there are also ongoing family law proceedings usually involving the care of children and Orders being sought in relation to parenting matters. Our lawyers have had extensive experience in dealing with both Victoria Police and non-Police applicants. 

Other Terms for an Intervention Order

Family Violence matters and Intervention Orders are heard by the State Courts (as opposed to the Federal Courts). This means that each State refers to Intervention Orders in a slightly different manner, however they generally operate in the same way in terms of providing protection (in the form of conditions) to a Protected Person. For your information, the terms and location of Intervention Orders in each State is as follows:

  • Victoria: Family Violence Intervention Orders and Personal Safety Intervention Orders heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • New South Wales: Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders are heard in the Local Courts
  • Queensland: Protection Orders are heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • Western Australia: Intervention Orders heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • Tasmania: Family Violence Orders heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • South Australia: Intervention Orders heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • ACT: Domestic Violence Orders heard in the Magistrates Courts
  • Northern Territory: Domestic Violence Orders heard in the Local Courts